Trying to deal with wrinkles is one of the more frustrating aspects of good skin care. How many of us get out of bed in the morning, go to look in the mirror, and immediately notice every flaw on our face? Not only do we look at our wrinkles, but we notice the pores and fine lines that appear to be so prominent on our faces. We try to cover them up with make-up, but would it not be better to diminish them completely? Your wrinkles and pores can be taken care of with the use of one special product: Blur. It’s a fitting name for a wrinkle and pore minimizer that serves to present you with a flawless look. Blur uses advanced microalgae, which are simple cells that are efficient energy producers. There are thousands of species of microalgae, and when used in skin care products these microscopic cells are a vital ingredient in many useful plant-based products. Blur also works to makes use of low micron polymeric technology that helps to firm the skin and leave it looking smoother and younger. To put it simply, Blur is a combination of some of the best methods that are used in skin care today. This cutting-edge product is one of the latest in a long line of Pharmco Skincare Labs skin care products that work to tackle everything from acne to wrinkles to fine lines. When it comes to our skin, we shouldn’t settle for anything but the best. Using Blur by Pharmco Skincare Labs is just one more way for you to maximize your skin’s potential.