Guide to Hosting a Salon Event

Hosting an event at your salon can be a great way to attract new business. But if you’ve never hosted an event before, it can seem overwhelming. Don’t worry! All a good events are a combination of careful planning, persistence and creative activities. You want your guests to leave thrilled about their experience and eager to try out your services. As long as your event is fun and useful for you guests, you’re guaranteed to turn some of them into regular clients. We’ve compiled a step by a step guide to ensuring that you host an event people won’t soon forget.

Schedule Activities
You can’t rely on your guests to entertain themselves, especially when many of them may not know each other. Be sure to schedule fun activities that will encourage conversation and also be Often, the activities you offer can be the incentive that causes more people to come.

Some activity ideas:

Bring Your Own Skin Care
Guests bring in their skin care products so your staff can consult them on what they are using that works well for them and what doesn’t. This is the perfect opportunity to recommend your own product line.

Make up Bag Reading
Invite your guests to bring in their makeup bags and do a reading on what each item reveals. Have some fun! You can keep this light, but also showcase your knowledge by recommending products that are good for their skin type.

Guest Speakers and tutorials
Invite professionals in your industry (or even from your salon) to talk about some practices that guests can do at home to protect, look after or improve their skin. The same goes for other services you offer. People respond well to being given the tools to do basic treatments on their own. This way they’re much more likely to come to your salon when they want to be pampered.

Invite, E-vite, & Invite again
Of course, you have to invite people if you want your event to be popular! Six weeks before the event, start inviting clients in person to your event. Don’t forget to take down their email address if you don’t already have it.

Four weeks before the event send email invitations to your total client list and be sure to make these shareable on social media, so that your clients can invite their friends.

If your salon has a Facebook page, you can create an event invitation there. Also consider putting up a poster in nearby places that potential clients may frequent.


RSVP’s are a must
Require reservations. This is a great way to have a good head count so you know if you’re heading towards meeting the capacity of your salon or have to buy more supplies. Require clients to pay a deposit in advance so that people are more likely to follow through on coming. Also, consider offering a reduced fee if the client brings a friend.

Confirm, confirm, confirm
If clients that have RSVPed come in to your salon within two weeks of the event, confirm with them in person as they check out. Two weeks before the event send a courtesy email confirmation. Also post reminders on your social media accounts.

Two days before the event call clients to confirm. Be sure to use specific language. Instead of asking them if they’re still coming, express how much you’re looking forward to seeing them. This approach doesn’t give room for doubt where a question might. It is also feels less salesy, which can be a turnoff for guests.

Provide incentives
Events are a great opportunity to advertise some of your services. Offer guests specials for booking a full-service treatment before leaving the event or discounts on select salon services

You can also offer free samples with purchase. Pharmco can be contacted for information about obtaining samples for skin care products.

Take this opportunity to introduce new services
Demonstrate a new procedure for administering facials
Introduce a new product line that you have started carrying
Have your staff perform consultations
There is no I in team

Don’t take on all the responsibility. Include your team so that they’re as excited about the event as you are. Let the team know why the event is important for them and their clients/potential clients. By setting goals for the team and objectives for each individual team member, you ensure that they’re as invested as you are.

After the event,  analyze what worked well and what could be improved after the event. Also be sure to celebrate the positive contributions of individual members and the team as a whole.