How to Make Your Salon or Day Spa Stand Out

With over 19,000 day spas and beauty salons in the US alone -- 80% of those being day spas -- chances are it’s becoming increasingly difficult to make yours stand out from the crowd.

No matter how beautiful your establishment is or how trained your staff, potential clients still need to know what you offer that everyone else isn’t.

Find Your Niche
You don’t have to be all things to all people. Actually, having more options isn’t always the best way to go. Instead, if you focus on offering a few high quality services performed by expertly trained staff, you’re much more likely to receive rave reviews from clients. Good recommendations spread!

Competition is very high for salons that feature similar services, so identify what is unique to your salon. Do you offer a service no one else has? A series of services created for clients of your day spa? An exclusive product line?

When you’ve identified what your salon or day spa offers, be sure to advertise it. Potential clients won’t know about what makes you special unless you tell them.

Build Relationships
Successful businesses are built on relationships. Especially in a spa or salon setting, as the services you provide demand some intimacy with your clients. Of course, you also have to be professional. Good businesses know how to strike a balance between professional and friendly, as this builds a trusting relationship with your clients. Relationship creates client loyalty.

View each new client as a start to a new relationship. Take special care to note their individual preferences. For example: “Mrs. Peachtree prefers her hair washed by Nick. Likes to drink tea while she is under the dryer, and enjoys talking about her grandchildren.”  This personal touch helps clients feel valued.

Invest the time and energy during consultations to not only discuss proposed services but to have open communication, which in turn will help to develop relationships.

Be more than just an image
Your salon looks great, your staff looks professional, and you have music creating the perfect ambiance and refreshments...what else could you need?

Take you salon a step further than just a great appearance.  Create an environment that fosters camaraderie, education and support for the staff. This will positively affect the customer’s experience and create a positive feeling that clients will associate with your salon.


If you staff enjoy working for you, clients will benefit from their enthusiasm. It will give you salon the sense of “coming home” for each person that enters. And what’s better than coming home to clean environment (especially if someone else is doing the cleaning), kicking off your shoes, and getting to relax?

Have Competitive Rates
Having competitive rates does not mean that you have to under price your services. It does mean evaluating the prices of your competitors and justifying why you charge what you do. Do you offer something your competitors don’t? Newer technology, exclusive products or highly trained staff?

Clients won’t mind paying more if they’re sure that they’re getting value for their money. Make sure that you’re not wasting money on unneeded expenses (for example, products for a service no one ever purchases) and you should be able to keep your service prices fair.

Also, remember to offer regular discounts and incentives. If clients purchase four services, do they get a discount? How about a booking discount for booking a certain number of appointments in advance? Both of these practices encourage clients to keep returning.

Offer Exclusive Products
Most salons offer products that are available in discount stores for less money than salons charge.  Offer a truly salon only product by contacting licensed professionals about creating products more specific to your clients needs. When your salon has it’s own brand of styling products only available in your salon, clients will see the exclusivity of your brand.

You can either work with a company, like Pharmco Labs, to manufacture your own products or to simply use their expertly created skincare line.

Make marketing a priority
Marketing does not equal advertising. A good marketing strategy will include advertising, promotion and communication.

Print or digital ads
E-mail newsletters
Radio and tv ads
Paid promotions on Facebook

Referral programs
Guest speaking appearances
Special events
Clear signage
Press releases
Easy to find website
Listed in local directories

The best marketing starts in your salon. Information is key. The staff needs to be informed of marketing strategies so that their efforts work towards the marketing goals. If you want to be known for a specific service or if there’s an experience you want each client to have, then make sure that your staff knows to emphasize those aspects of your salon.

Due to the increase in social media, two-way communication is becoming more and more expected. Do more than just create social media profiles. Monitor how people engage them. Be proactive and interactive. Respond to messages, compliments, and questions promptly and courteously. If you aren’t on any, get on them!

Also, monitor your local reviews. You want to respond to any negative reviews with a courteous apology or explanation of the reasons for the clients bad experience. Be sure to offer them some kind of incentive to visit again. Doing this will help you manage your public profile and ensure great customer service.

A combination of exclusive products, unique service packages and good marketing will ensure that your salon always stands a head about all the other ones in your area -- if not in the entire state.