How to Promote Your Day Spa to New Clients

Your services are excellent, your spa how do you tell people about it?

There are a number of things you can do to promote your day spa to new clients, but first let’s make sure that you’re doing enough to stand out from the crowd.

Have you created a skin care program?
Offer clients a package that includes a series of treatments unique to your spa. While many spas will carry similar treatments, there’s no reason why you can’t create a combination of treatments that are only available at your spa. Give each package a name that invites potential clients to indulge.

Some clients may not see the need for more than one treatment. In that case, market the series as a lifestyle. Adding incentives like reading materials and educational seminars will encourage clients to maintain regular appointments with your spa.

Do you carry a salon exclusive product line?
Clients don’t want to come to your salon and see the same products they can find at a local  beauty store, or every other salon. Having an exclusive line lends credibility to your salon and differentiates you from other salons who are all carrying the same brands.

Pharmco Skincare Labs offers a unique new skincare line that offers targeted solutions that will cater to each of your clients specific skincare needs.

If you do offer a series of services unique to your salon and an exclusive product line, you can begin marketing your salon.

Build your email list
Today’s client list needs to be more than just names and phone numbers. When clients fill out their initial appointment form, be sure to have an option to fill out an email address. You can even offer an incentive for including an email (a regular newsletter offering beauty tips is a good start).

Having an email list is hugely beneficial for marketing your salon. Use this list periodically to inform your clients of new programs, promotions, and events. This reminds past customers of your services and can encourage them to make new appointments.

Make sure to have an option on your salon’s website for current and potential clients to sign-up for email updates.

Use social media

Don’t just create a Facebook page and forget it. Be interactive with the page. Update it periodically with posts specific to your salon, but also with news specific to your industry. People respond well to pages that help them. Offer beauty tips, as well as relevant commentary on anything relating to beauty. Get creative! This is a great opportunity to display the personality behind your salon and attract like-minded clients.

Encourage your customers to like your page as it’s a great way to reach their friend group, too.   Also, remember to regularly respond to posts on the page. It’s a public display of your helpful customer service.

Don’t overlook Twitter as a marketing tool. It is very effective for generating interest in your salon. Use hashtags and @ mention influential people in your industry. Share relevant content for people interested in beauty and occasionally mix in promotions and services from your own salon.

People will begin to associate your salon with great beauty tips and relevant beauty news if you post consistently. They will then be much more likely to trust you with their treatments.

Instagram, Pinterest and Yelp
Instagram and Pinterest are great platforms to show off your services. You can take photos of products, equipment/furniture and your staff to promote your salon. Pinterest is also a great place to post an image with short instructions for skincare or a beauty tip. The more that pin is shared, the more exposure your salon receives.

Encourage all clients to leave a review on Yelp if they enjoyed your services. The more positive reviews you have, the more likely a potential client is to choose your salon over others.

The most important thing to remember with all social media is to provide valuable content. People share, like and comment on relevant and helpful posts. Definitely use the sites to self-promote, but make sure that’s not all you’re doing.

Use blogs and video
Blogs are a great resource to identify your salon’s brand, share news about your salon, present detailed product and service information, or as a point of contact for clients/potential clients. Blogs can be used to build your email list, by offering the option to viewers of the blog an option to “join our mailing list” (which encourages continued communication between you and your clients).

If a picture is worth a thousand words, than a video is worth a million.  Videos uploaded to your salon’s main site, blog, or YouTube channel can advertise your physical salon, specific services, or showcase before and after pictures. The best videos convey your salon’s unique experience.

Offer booking discounts
Offering a booking discount encourages clients to book their next appt as they are leaving, and new clients to book their first appt in advance. This decreases your walk-in customers, which in turn helps your salon to maintain a reputation of timely service and a steady stream of regular customers.

Offer exclusive specials
Existing clients will feel appreciated if you offer specials exclusively for them.  You can also offer exclusive specials on certain dates, holidays, or during events. This can be a tool to motivate current clients and new clients to interact with you on social media, by offering exclusive specials on Facebook or Twitter.

All of your promotional practices should work together. Be sure to always present the very aspects of your salon publicly and demonstrate your expertise. People are attracted and loyal to quality service.