Is a Rare Swiss Apple the Key to Anti-Aging Skin Treatment?

Celebrities and scientists alike are raving about a nearly extinct apple found growing on a rare tree in Switzerland. Although the beauty industry is prone to exaggerated claims and celebrities aren't strangers to jumping on the latest fad, the apple has stood up under scientific examination. The Swiss fruit, known as Uttwiler Spatlauber, is proving to be revolutionary in anti-aging skin care treatment.

What is so special about this unassuming apple?
Scientists believe that the Uttwiler Spatlauber's long-living tissue stem cells can interact with human cells when incorporated into skin care creams. The plant cells extraordinary longevity is used to rejuvenate aging skin.

A solution containing one per cent apple stem cells seemed to boost cell production of human stem cells by a staggering 80 percent. - Dr. Gary Goldfaden

As we age, the damaged and dying epidermal cells in our skin begin to outnumber replacement cells and the appearance of our skin suffers. Our skin is our body’s largest organ, so its protection and appearance is a major concern for many people. Unfortunately, human skin cells do not have the same renewing ability as plant-derived adult stem cells which can each generate a whole new plant. The good news is the genetically long-living stem cell tissue of the swiss apples can be applied to human skin – with revolutionary results.

Our Photocell Renewal Serum is the same combination of excellent quality control, superior ingredients and proven science that we apply to all our ingredients, but it is also infused with the rejuvenating Uttwiler Spatlauber.

Photocell Renewal Serum offers:
Unique age delaying properties
Anti-wrinkle effects
Longevity of healthy human skin cells

While most apples are genetically modified for their flavor these days, the Uttwiler Spatlauber retains the naturally longer-living cells that apples used to be sought for. We’ve combined this unique apple extract with other complementary ingredients to create a skin care product that revitalizes and protects your skin.