It’s All About Wellness

Any person with an Instagram knows about the wide variety of hashtags that dominate each day of the week. What used to be Thursday is now Throwback Thursday, and some even consider Sunday to be Selfie Sunday. We’ve thought of a new weekly trend that may actually have some depth to it: Wellness Wednesday. We should all have a good idea of what wellness is, but how can we take this word out of only the gym and apply it to other aspects of our lives? Many employers offer wellness incentives not because they have money there’s no use for, but because studies have shown that healthier workers leads to more efficient production and a generally more positive attitude. What these studies don’t show is how this wellness has an effect on the worker outside of the office, which is more important to us as individuals.

A healthy body is a healthy mind; the great part about increasing our wellness is that it will positively affect not only our physical health, but our mental and emotional health as well. We can achieve this sort of overall betterment of ourselves by making several changes that, when put together, can completely change a person’s life. If you’re on-the-go daily you could try using your phone, typically a distraction, as a means of using convenient apps that can do anything from monitoring your sleeping habits to tracking your eating patterns. In regards to your diet, making small changes can have noticeable effects right away. A great way to stay committed to this type of change is by finding a partner to do the same with you; this sort of encouragement may be just what you need. Don’t settle for less, and make sure to commit to #WellnessWednesday! It’s just another great way to keep your body young!