Mandelic Acid and Your Skin

Often times skin care can feel overwhelming; there’s such a huge variety of different products, and each one has a wealth of ingredients you’ve never heard of. Mandelic acid, however, should be one of those ingredients you always keep in your search for products. An alpha hydroxy acid, mandelic acid is known for the large amounts of benefits it can have when applied to your skin. In normal terminology, mandelic acid speeds up the process of skin cell turnover, or basically dead skin is more quickly replaced by the healthy and glowing skin underneath it. At the same time, mandelic acid reduces fine lines and wrinkles and leaves your skin with a smoothe appearance, while also proving to be beneficial for those with acne. The science behind it is simple: mandelic acid is a component used in a variety of products suited to match all skin types, especially those that are oily, sensitive, or blemish-prone. It is a fast-acting treatment that targets any and all skin flaws, and much like hyaluronic acid, mandelic acid is well-known for its’ anti-aging benefits. Mandelic acid can be found in a large amount of different skin care products, and has become a main staple of many treatments. Because of the variety of proven beneficial effects mandelic acid can have, Pharmco Skincare Labs has taken advantage of its’ availability. Our Mandelic Cleansing Gel and Mandelic Acid Toner are a great start to any skin care regimen, especially for those with acne-prone skin. To compliment these products we also offer Mandelic Acid Serums in 10%, 10% Rosacea Safe, and 15%, as well as Mandelic Acid 25% Peel and Radiance Peel that contains Mandelic Acid. What ever your skin care needs, Pharmco Skincare Labs has the products you need for beautiful, healthy skin.