Pharmco Skincare Labs Unique Daily Moisturizer Dramatically Increases SPF Coverage

Pharmco labs is making good use of the patented Safflower Oleosomes technology to create a daily moisturizer that not only helps skin retain moisture for longer but also provides excellent sun protection by using significantly lower amounts of chemical sunscreens.

Oleosomes are yet another example of the abundant resource that the plant kingdom is for cosmetic chemists. Found naturally in many plants and seeds, Oleosomes are micron sized spheres of emollient plant oils and vitamin E that are surrounded by a phospholipid membrane.

What Does That Mean For You?

The spheres collapse upon contacting the skin and release natural oils and vitamins to the skin for long-lasting moisturization. Because of the active substances found in Oleosomes, they act as natural emulsifying agents.

Traditional sunscreen formulas rely on chemical emulsifiers, especially when higher SPF’s are used. This is inconvenient for sunscreen users who have sensitive skin, as the higher concentration of chemical sunscreens can irritate the skin.

By taking advantage of the natural properties found in Oleosomes, Pharmco Lab’s Daily Facial Moisturizer ensures maximal protection from damaging UVA/UVB rays with less skin irritation. Traditional sunscreen formulas require almost 3 times the amount of sunscreen actives to get the same SPF 35+ rating.

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