Skin’s Natural Moisturizer

Have you ever wondered why, as we grow older, our skin can start to sag and wrinkle? This aging process is linked to molecules on our skin’s surface called ceramides. These naturally-occurring lipids are located within the membranes of our skin cells, and they serve an important role: protecting against the loss of moisture. We are always moisturizing because we don’t want our skin to dry up, however ceramides are considered our body’s natural moisturizer. They provide a moisture barrier that is essential to the maintenance of young, healthy and firm skin. So as we age, ceramide production decreases and the lipids occur less in our skin; this is essentially the process that causes the wrinkles and sagging we try to prevent. The less ceramides we have, the less protection our skin has from environmental factors. This would deliver us to an obvious answer: products containing ceramides work well to increase moisture in our skin and leave it firmer and healthier. Before we can focus on the smaller aspects of skin care, however, we must first be sure that our skin has the essential barrier it requires to keep it from drying out. The base of any skin care routine should be a good moisturizer, and Pharmco Skincare Labs offers only the best. Oil-free and containing a plethora of ceramides, the Perfecting Moisturizer strengthens and rejuvenates your skin’s outer layer of protection, leaving a healthier complexion. If you’re looking to start your skin-care lineup, Pharmco Skincare Labs has the products you need to keep that healthy glow.