Stress is damaging to your skin!

So many of us have such frantic lifestyles, and we often find our days filled with stress stemming from our environments. We know that a long day at the office can leave us worn out and in a bad mood, but what other damaging effects could this stress have on us? It’s more than just tiring; stress can leave some seriously noticeable blemishes on our skin in the form of acne, wrinkles, and fine lines around our eyes. Stress, whether physical or emotional, helps to release a chemical called cortisol in our bodies. Cortisol is helpful in small portions, but high levels of it for longer amounts of time can have harmful results. Some of us try to release our stress by smoking, eating sweets, or drinking. Unfortunately, these actions serve to only make our stress worse and damage our bodies, especially our skin. But in such a hurried and high-stress society, how can we take care of our skin and still manage our responsibilities? The answer can be found in any one of a wide variety of Pharmco Skincare Labs products, such as a Fruit Enzyme Mask that can help you to relax and leave your face with a healthy, glowing complexion. The goal is to rejuvenate and hydrate your skin, which is undoubtedly the best way to keep it glowing. Large amounts of stress can leave untreated skin with noticeable damage. Even with so much happening around us, it’s important to save some time to take care of your skin.