Your Face and You

The first thing someone notices about another person: their face. It’s more than just a part of your body; your face reflects who you are in life. It is literally your person, which is shown on everything from your driver’s license to your high school yearbook picture. Perhaps this is what makes the face such an important target for those people that devote time to skin care. The skin on your face, however, requires more attention simply because of its’ uniqueness. Luckily, there are some tricks that, when applied properly, can have your face looking better than ever.

  • Makeup – it isn’t really bad for your skin in and of itself; the important part is that you take it off every night! Also, it helps to avoid working out in it. You’re at the gym, try not to care what people think!
  • Sun Protection – increased exposure to sunlight causes the most noticeable effects on your face. These changes are associated with traits consistent with aging. Protecting our faces from the sun is the single most important thing we can do.
  • Acne – still thinking about that high school yearbook picture? Then you, like many others, have probably had a bad run in with acne. It isn’t limited, and it can affect anyone. Make sure not to avoid moisturizers; contrary to popular belief, they’re an important part of the acne treatment process.

PharmCo Labs offers Hydrating Cleanser and Rejuvenating Cleanser to help remove makeup, as well as Exfoliating Facial Cleansing Scrub to help keep your skin looking fresh. For those that struggle with acne, Mandelic Cleanser and Toner combined with Mandelic Acid Serum 10% or 15% will have those blemishes under control in no time. Remember you can follow up and skin care routine with Advanced Care Moisturizer or Hyaluronic Acid Serum to keep your skin at optimal hydration for the perfect dewy look. PharmCo Labs is truly the company that is always ready to help you make the most out of skin care!